Why do you need an Owner's Manual?

Most fund managers will send you a glossy brochure. At Fundsmith we want you to have an Owner's Manual. Why? Because your understanding of what we are trying to achieve and how we will approach it is a critical element in enabling us to attain our goal.


The prospectus has been prepared in accordance with the Prospectus Rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) made pursuant to section 73A of FSMA. The prospectus has been approved by the FCA and has been filed with the FCA in accordance with Rule 3.2 of the Prospectus Rules. It contains important information and should be read as a whole by any investor considering an investment in the Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust.

Key Information Doc (KID)

This document provides you with key investor information about this fund. This is not marketing material. The information is required by law to help you understand the nature and risks of investing in this fund. You are advised to read this document so you can make an informed decision about whether to invest. If you are unsure about the suitability of this fund, please consult a financial adviser.

Letters to shareholders

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Stewardship, proxy voting and responsible investing

Part of our role as an investment manager is to engage with investee companies in order to satisfy ourselves that they are acting in the best interests of shareholders. Shareholder engagement is fully integrated into our investment strategy and processes, from our initial research, pre-investment due diligence through to the ongoing monitoring of investee companies.