Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust Share Offer Closes 20th June

One Small Step

For Fundsmith.

Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust, or FEET as we like to call it, will be invested using the same strategy as the Fundsmith Equity Fund but with one added dimension: the companies invested in by FEET will have the majority of their operations in, or revenue derived from, Developing Economies and will provide direct exposure to the rise of the consumer classes in those countries.

Same Fund Manager
Same Unique Investment Process
Same No Nonsense
Same Discipline
Same Sectors
Same Methodology
Same Inactivity
Same Total Alignment of Interest
Same High Conviction

what we are saying

Net Asset Value(s)

23 July, 2018 09:57:11 | By Fundsmith

Issue of Equity

20 July, 2018 14:59:43 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

20 July, 2018 09:58:39 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

19 July, 2018 10:13:23 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

18 July, 2018 09:54:01 | By Fundsmith

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How fund manager Terry Smith is finding his FEET

28 April, 2017 | By Marina Gerner

What Terry Smith is saying

Financial Times – ESG? SRI? Is your green portfolio really green?

18 January, 2018 | By Terry Smith

You decide to buy a car. You tell the dealer you want to be environmentally responsible and trust him to supply something appropriate. You had an electric car in mind but he supplies a hybrid. Not too bad, but when it arrives you find that the internal-combustion part of the power plant is a diesel supplied by a German maker caught lying about emissions.

Financial Times – AstraZeneca is beginning to look like Tesco

04 August, 2017 | By Terry Smith

It might be tempting to view last week’s fall in the AstraZeneca share price in isolation, related to the results of the “Mystic” lung cancer drug trial. However, I suspect that AstraZeneca’s problems go much deeper than a setback for a single drug.

Financial Times – The unique advantage of equity investment

20 April, 2017 | By Terry Smith

Investment in stocks and shares – equities – has a unique advantage over other asset classes which in my experience is rarely understood and almost never discussed. Equities can compound in value in a way that investments in other asset classes, such as bonds and real estate, cannot. The reason for this is quite simple: companies retain a portion of the profits they generate to reinvest in the business.



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