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Net Asset Value(s)

21 September, 2018 10:21:45 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

20 September, 2018 09:27:10 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

19 September, 2018 09:29:01 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

18 September, 2018 10:01:21 | By Fundsmith

Net Asset Value(s)

17 September, 2018 09:52:05 | By Fundsmith

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How fund manager Terry Smith is finding his FEET

28 April, 2017 | By Marina Gerner

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Financial Times – ESG? SRI? Is your green portfolio really green?

18 January, 2018 | By Terry Smith

You decide to buy a car. You tell the dealer you want to be environmentally responsible and trust him to supply something appropriate. You had an electric car in mind but he supplies a hybrid. Not too bad, but when it arrives you find that the internal-combustion part of the power plant is a diesel supplied by a German maker caught lying about emissions.

Financial Times – AstraZeneca is beginning to look like Tesco

04 August, 2017 | By Terry Smith

It might be tempting to view last week’s fall in the AstraZeneca share price in isolation, related to the results of the “Mystic” lung cancer drug trial. However, I suspect that AstraZeneca’s problems go much deeper than a setback for a single drug.

Financial Times – The unique advantage of equity investment

20 April, 2017 | By Terry Smith

Investment in stocks and shares – equities – has a unique advantage over other asset classes which in my experience is rarely understood and almost never discussed. Equities can compound in value in a way that investments in other asset classes, such as bonds and real estate, cannot. The reason for this is quite simple: companies retain a portion of the profits they generate to reinvest in the business.


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