• Investors Chronicle - Buffett Mk 2.0

    If you are wondering how to put together a portfolio of equity investments, you could do worse than visit the website for Fundsmith and download lots of relevant documents. These will give you an insight in a particular type of equity investing that I will caricature as ‘Buffett Mk 2.0’.
  • FE Trustnet - Should you buy Terry Smith’s new emerging markets trust?

    News of Terry Smith’s intention to launch the Fundsmith Emerging Equities IT this year has been met with a mixed reception from industry experts, though there is agreement that the new trust will give Templeton much needed competition in the IT Global Emerging Markets sector.
  • Telegraph - Terry Smith to launch emerging markets investment trust

    Terry Smith, who manages the successful Fundsmith Equity fund, is to launch an emerging markets investment trust. The new fund, to be launched later this year, will employ Mr Smith's existing strategy of choosing resilient, proven companies but apply it to firms based in developing economies.
  • Morningstar - Terry Smith to Launch Emerging Market Equities Trust

    Three years after Terry Smith's Bronze rated long-term equity fund Fundsmith was born, the controversial manager is launching an emerging markets equivalent.
  • Financial Times - New Fundsmith emerging markets trust

    Fundsmith, the fund management group founded by Terry Smith, chief executive of broker Tullett Prebon, is to launch an emerging markets investment trust later this year.
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