1. Victoria Chernykh

    Edison - Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust - Stepping Forward

    Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust (FEET) has evolved from an emerging markets (EM) consumer-driven growth story since launch in 2014. Its strategy remains to own high-quality companies, but a number of changes in emphasis have been made.

    By Victoria Chernykh, Edison
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  2.  Michael O'Brien

    Citywire - Fundsmith: We’ve been proved right on ‘Chinese burn’ fears

    Investing in China has become the hot topic of the moment for all the wrong reasons as scores of investors see the value of their investments slide and property giant Evergrande teeters on the brink of collapse. At Fundsmith, we are not surprised at all. The warning signs have been there all along, so why are people only now waking up to the risks investing in China presents?

    By Michael O'Brien, Citywire
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  3. What Investment - The cash generators of an emerging universe

    FEET's objective is to provide shareholders with an attractive return by investing in a portfolio of shares issued by listed or traded companies that have a majority of their operations in, or revenue derived from, developing economies. These businesses provide direct exposure to the rise of the consumer classes in those countries.

    By What Investment
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  4. Lee Wild

    Interactive Investor video interviews with Michael O'Brien

    Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust portfolio manager Michael O’Brien talks to interactive investor about his fund, including how he identifies investment opportunities, ethical considerations and the decision-making process.

    By Lee Wild, Interactive Investor
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  5. James Crux

    Shares - Turn to Fundsmith to play emerging markets

    FEET offers defensive and disciplined exposure to the globe’s fastest growing markets. Emerging economies are faring better than their developed market counterparts despite the US/China trade spat. We believe the best way to get exposure is via an actively-managed fund rather than picking stocks individually as you can lean on the expertise of a fund manager who has the right resources to properly research these markets.

    By James Crux, Shares Magazine
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  6. Max King

    Money Week - A smoother ride in emerging markets

    Terry Smith’s trust should come into its own during bear markets. Terry Smith’s investment strategy is simple: “only invest in good companies, don’t overpay, then do nothing”...

    By Max King, Money Week
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